Our Story

url1-800-MUFFINS is a gourmet gift company that provides the freshest, best tasting, most gourmet muffins and muffin tops. We like to think of ourselves as the “Ben & Jerry’s” of muffins because of our unique variety of muffin flavors.

1-800-MUFFINS is a gift that the entire family can enjoy year round for any occasion. Everyone likes muffins, and muffins are one of the only baked items that can be eaten throughout the day. People eat muffins for breakfast, snacks, lunch, dinner, and even dessert. Our muffins have been sent as welcome home gifts, thank you gifts, new born baby gifts, and of course as gifts for every Holiday you can imagine. Our customers will never run out of reasons to order muffins for themselves, or as a gift.

Let us show you how to make that person you care for, whether it be a mother, a father, co-worker or just about anyone feel amazing, special and loved when you get them a gourmet selection of muffins from 1-800-MUFFINS.